Snippets Support


  • Why Snippets Services menu isn't available in Adobe's products?

    Unfortunately, Adobe's software doesn't have native support for Mac OS X Services. Let's hope that upcoming releases will add it.

  • What is the minimum system requirement to run Snippets?

    The minimum system requirement is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and higher.

  • How to enable or disable service in contextual menus?

    Snippets application provides a service called ‘Make New Snippet With Selection’ as part of its bundle. Instructions of how to enable or disable this feature can be found in the blog.

    UPDATE: Snippets 1.4 automatically enables this service.

  • How to make Snippets text editor to insert Spaces, not a Tab after pressing the Tab key?

    Open Terminal application and enter the following:
    defaults write com.snippetsapp.Snippets TabSpaceWidth -int 4
    This will make an editor to insert 4 spaces upon pressing the Tab key.

    And below is a command to reset your preference:
    defaults delete com.snippetsapp.Snippets TabSpaceWidth

  • How to apply TextMate themes?

    Simply drag & drop .tmTheme file directly into Editor Preference pane.

    You can execute the following command in Terminal to locate themes quickly:
    open /Applications/

    Hint 1: User-defined themes are usually located at ~/Library/Preferences/TextMate/Themes/ folder.
    Hint 2: Double-click the Editor Preference pane to restore default colors.

  • How do you get my picture for registration window? gets profile information via Directory Services. We do not touch any local files on your Hard Drive but the Library located at ~/Library/Application Support/Snippets/ Also, your profile picture is not send via network in any way. Please, do not worry about this.

  • Is there any way to add custom syntax highlight?

    Yes. Most of the highlight are bundled with the Snippets' distributive, however there are some additional highlight that are available on GitHub here. Also, you can create your custom highlight. Here you can find a documentation on how to do it.

  • How to select alternate location for the Library?

    Default Snippets Library is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Snippets/Snippets.xml You may select the new location for the new library, if you press and hold the Option key during application launch. If you want to select the original library, you should press and hold the Option key once again and pick the ~/Library/Application Support/Snippets/Snippets.xml back and so on.