One of the most requested features for Snippets application was an ability to use Dropbox for syncing between computers and sharing snippets between co-workers. After releasing 1.0 we were working hard on both of these features. And now we are ready to go with release 1.1.

Dropbox Syncing

Developers really need to sync snippets between their macs at different places and to share them with others. Our app already had support for MobileMe syncing but this option requires paid account. Dropbox would be a great replacement or addition to MobileMe Sync.

So after careful thinking and technical analysis we ended up with a solution that should solve most of your needs.

By the way, if you create a new Dropbox account by clicking this link, we will get some additional space.

Snippets Datastores

Datastore is a special bundle containing snippet items and located in the file system. You can create it from a sidebar group in any location, i. e. in a shared Dropbox folder.

The best thing about Snippets Datastore is that any number of clients can be connected to the same Datastore and all linked groups will stay in Sync automatically. Later, you can unlink all groups to move Datastores into another location and so on.

Team Collaboration

You can completely backup or sync all your groups by categories. But the most exciting thing is that you can create “shared” groups really easy. Simply create a new Datastore in the shared Dropbox folder and notify your co-worker about its location. All they have to do is to double-click the bundle and link it with their own sidebar groups. In other words, now we can share Libraries of Snippets!

Unsigned Resources

Version 1.0 has been digitally signed in such way that you couldn't modify icon and image resources directly within a bundle. Thanks to our followers, we found how to make it possible. So starting with today's release, you can “skin” Snippets application by modifying selected contents of the bundle.

Multi-Touch Gestures

We implemented 3-fingers Swipe gesture in a previous update 1.0.1. After using a Trackpad for switching between snippets in a main table view, it seemed that we could incorporate some new gestures to make the Application even more responsive. So we added two more Multi-Touch interactions. Now you can use Pinch gesture to open or hide Inspector panel, and horizontal Swipe gesture to switch between its main and additional panes. Do you like it?

Support Snippets

As you may know, Ars Technica organizes Mac Application Design Awards this year. You can find more details at So if you are a Snippets fan, please help us to nominate! There are only two days left :)

Thanks in advance!
Lucky Ants

P. S. Now we also have a page with Features!