Last week we published another Update 0.8 for the Snippets application. This version introduced a brand-new feature named Scrippets. You may already have read a little introduction posted here.

Anyway, we have decided to make a full-featured presentation that should give you a deeper explanation of what Scrippets are and what tasks are they intended for. The result is here — enjoy watching:

So, we hope it is more clear for you now. The next our steps are:

  • Provide a public repository for scrippets
  • Publish an API documentation and tutorials
  • Make some new scrippets to include in the Snippets App by default
  • Develop more and more scrippets to meet your needs

Please contact us just now, if you want to develop scrippets or request the new ones. And do not hesitate to post any comments and questions. Thanks!

P. S. Another post devoted to the Scrippet Development is on the way. Stay tuned!